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For best results in precision sorting this service is recommended to be done before the sorting process. This services includes a rinse and wash with a special soap blend designed specifically for cleaning grease and grit from parts followed by a finale rinse.  Included with this service as well is rust inhibitor designed to help prevent and deter the rust process. This service completed leaves you with a clean and rust resistant part with quality that you can depend on.


Our trained visual inspection staff will provide you with important information to help you make the decisions you need for your business.  Our skilled visual inspectors significantly enhances quality control and quality assurance, and helps to prevents costly outages and accidents on working equipment by evaluating for wear and defective parts

Operating 20 OD sorting machine and 10 length machines we are capable of doing large volume work. Specializing in precision sorting work we have refined and improved our machines to work with tolerances of (0.000050) millionths grouping, and a (0.000100) ten thousandth in length. Our roll sorters feature a unique bearing system designed and patented by which allows us to guarantee this accuracy.


For parts and products that have failed testing or have malfunctioned our disassembly and salvage services is the perfect solution to keep your losses to a minimum. With our disassembly and salvage service Carolina Sorting can disassemble and analyze your product salvaging parts that are still good and return them to be used in reproduction in turn saving you time and money

Operating out of a 10,000 sq ft facility with 5,000 sq ft of heated and cooled warehousing space Carolina Sorting can safely store your products with out worrying about the harsh elements of an outside environment. Using our inventory management system your company can depend on Carolina Sorting to efficiently store you products. Carolina Sorting also offers the option to re-package and/or re-label products to promote your company when buying from a third party seller

For parts or items that do not need precision sorting consider our standard sorting process.  This manual sorting method is the simplest of all.  From sorting by color to weight or even bolt thread sizes Carolina Sorting has you covered.  Although this sorting method is done manually our trained staff has the expertise to provide 

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